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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

My daughter just celebrated her birthday with friends this week. Like a rookie, I didn't limit the guest list and every single person showed up! The unlimited guest list turned into a large party with just as many gifts. God also has many gifts for us and his guest list is everyone, unlimited. He also celebrates every time life is given over to him, this is the greatest gift we can give God.

How to give your life over to him is the next tiny shift that has humbled my heart. From thinking it was a one time prayer to understanding I can give this gift to God on a daily basis.

Tiny Shift #2:

Before, I thought giving my life over to God was a one time prayer and I had already prayed it. I was lost and now I was found. God already celebrated me in heaven after I prayed, now I was one of the 99 sheep. God didn't have to worry about me anymore.

Then I started to change the way I pray. Slowly God revealed how many times I thought about my worries/fears, resentments, hurts etc during the day.

These were portions of my real life that pulled my focus from God. Humbly giving them over in prayer started clearing out my heart and filling it with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Now, this prayer has become a daily rhythm because I stray every single day, I am the one lost sheep that God is searching for. He rejoices every time I turn back to him. I give him the gift of my life over and over again, and I receive his many gifts. The gift of forgiveness for straying, yes - and also the amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Experiencing love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faith and self-control through the Holy Spirit is life changing.

"God give me the thoughts and words I need to see where this fits in my life. Reveal the areas of my life that I am still holding onto, reveal those thoughts that pull my focus from you. Amen."

Take Action:

  1. Pray for God to change your heart and give you the courage to change.

  2. Take inventory of the thoughts and things currently filling your head. Which ones are not God directed?

  3. Take those things God revealed to you and give them over in prayer. Return control of your life back to him.

  4. Celebrate God's gifts by asking to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

  5. The next few days be aware of every time your mind is racing or your heart is pounding, notice when your emotions are running high. Check in with God and ask to reveal what is creating these emotions, and what could be behind your reactions.

  6. Continue the process by giving it up to him, returning control, and asking for the Holy Spirit to work within you.

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