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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Tiny shifts can lead to large changes sometimes. Take for instance an earthquake, tectonic plates shifting below our feet eventually cause a drastic change in the surface that we can see and feel. That example doesn't have good results attached to the outcome, but the tiny shifts I've made over the last year have caused good change. A good, large change in my relationship with, and understanding of God.

Shifts of any size are hard to implement when you are comfortable with your surroundings and routine. But if you feel even the tiniest nudge from God to shift something in your life, you can trust what he is asking you to change will be for your good.

I felt that nudge from God to change things in my life a year ago. I would like to say that I immediately turned to my bible, started fasting, and reaching out to mentors to help me follow God's calling. But no. I ran away from him by distracting myself with shows and podcasts. I ignored him by making my own plans that looked good from the outside: bible studies, small groups, even becoming a charter member of a church plant. These plans filled my schedule so I could tell God 'after I finish what is needed here, I will definitely look into change'. But God knows your heart, he knew what I was doing.

Running away from God -all the planning, ignoring and distracting - took up so much of my energy. It was a recipe for burn out. And it was in this burn out that I finally gave up my plans and started following God's plan. Since starting this journey I have strengthened my relationship with God and created a rhythm of constant communication with him. This rhythm started with some tiny shifts in how I approached God.

Below I've listed out the top eight tiny shifts labeled "This to That". I was recalling those old articles that would give you the "eat this, not that" restaurant options. The ones where you thought a quesadilla was healthy for you, then you read the article that pointed out they had the most calories on the menu (or maybe that was just me?). Then it would offer a different menu option that was healthier for you and provided *most* of the taste.

In "This to That" I am sharing the ways I used to approach God and my role in following his plan ("This"). Then I show the shift that God led me to in my own thinking ("That"). The next week I will take each 8 tiny shifts and expand on it all. From how I used to act to how I changed and continue to use this in my everyday life.

This will not change your physical health like the old "eat this, not that" articles. But my hope is by implementing these tiny shifts in your daily life you will being to see change in your spiritual health. A large change in your relationship with God, and a change in how you experience God's goodness in your life.

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