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PATIENCE - Prayer No.3

Prayer for Patience - I don't know about you, but I can find my patience running low by the end of a long day.

Kids, co-workers, family, friends, roommates - whoever gets my 'zero patience reply' is rarely the one who used up all of my patience. And no one deserves my mean or sarcastic responses.

When I started looking to God to reveal where I tend to loose my patience, it helped me pin point when I need to take a break before I 'loose it'.

In the moment I can take a breath, maybe step away from the situation, and send up a quick prayer to God giving over to him the situation (and usually my concern or frustration that is sucking up my patience!)

Once I have pinpointed where I loose my patience, and give it over to God - then I look to the Holy Spirit. I ask him to give me his perfect patience. It transcends all understanding, but he always supplies me with the exact amount of patience I need - right when I need it.

The ability to calm down, sit quietly and respond rationally to a situation was only found when I asked the Holy Spirit to work within me. None of the response, reaction, thoughts or words are mine - it is all through Christ working within me.

What a relief, the burden is removed to 'try to be perfect' through my own self will.

Give it all up to God and ask him to work within you, you might save yourself some time and trouble. Or at the very least one less person you have to apologize to 😆

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