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Freedom in Christ - what does it mean?

Freedom for me has been found in Christ alone.

I would always wonder what people meant by ‘freedom in Christ’.

I suppose it is different for everyone, but I will attempt to explain my experience.

Freedom in Christ was found when I started Re:generation. In this study God revealed to me that my thoughts are a huge part of my life.

Up until this study my biggest struggle was within my own head. I stressed over upcoming plans and experience anxiety over past conversations. If it wasn’t those things, my brain would jump to worries over my kids and family. Or fears over things that could happen that were out of my control.

I slowly began viewing all these thoughts as a piece of my life. Understanding that Jesus calls us to give our lives over to him in order to experience freedom in Christ. This led me to start giving over these thoughts in daily prayers to God.

Giving over my thoughts (worries, fears, resentments, control and hurts) was the major piece of my life I was unintentionally holding back from God.

It was what God needed from me. I believe giving these over to God creates room in my heart and mind, a space that is filled with the Holy Spirit.

Now, I experience God working within me on a stronger level, he feels closer, and my freedom comes when I continue giving over every part of my life to God and asking the Holy Spirit for his gifts. I find freedom to rest and experience God’s deep peace he provides me through the Holy Spirit.

I pray you will find all the things that you may be unintentionally holding back from God too. I pray ‘giving over to God every piece of you life’ becomes a daily rhythm led by the Holy Spirit working within you.

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