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CHANGE - Prayer No.1

Prayer for Change - when you feel stuck in a cycle of negative behavior patterns - or negative thought patterns.

Asking, Noticing, and Praising are 3 prayers that can change your heart like only God can.

This prayer takes time, asking for God to change your heart is a daily rhythm. After you pray that short prayer sit with God and ask him to reveal where he is working within you.

I will never forget the first time I noticed my response change after I prayed this daily for a while. I was tired of being stuck in this cycle of getting my feelings hurt and becoming resentful.

Then one day my reaction was so small to the hurt that would usually come with overthinking and boiling resentment consuming my thoughts. It was life changing to experience God working within me, giving me his peace and patience in all circumstances - even the hard one.

It may not be an overnight or immediate response to your prayer, hold on to the knowledge that God is working within you - transforming you into his own creation.

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