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 Hi! I'm JJ, a wife and mom of two. Just like many women out there, I have experienced bouts of worry, anxiety, and stress. Sleepless nights would turn into prayers for God to take these struggles away. I would help others in an attempt to distract myself from these worries, as I waited on God to answer my prayers.

I was stuck in a cycle of praying, waiting, helping, and worrying.
Then God intervened, as he always does. And this time I listened. He showed me the many parts of my life I had not given over to him. I began praying for God to change my heart instead of my circumstances, and started a rhythm of daily giving over my life and asking for the Holy Spirit to work within me.

Through hard work and lots of grace, God gave me the freedom I was seeking. 

This experience changed me, and continues to change me (changedchanging). My hope for this blog is to help others fully rest in God's plan, and experience his gifts every single day.

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